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Hobby & Specialty Tools

At Papa John's Toolbox we are committed to finding unique, hard to find hobby tools. We literally search the world for unique tools we know hobbyists will find useful. Originally many of our hobby tools were designed by surgeons, aerospace engineers, and other professionals. Our Alligator Clamp for example was designed by surgeons for ear surgery. In addition to unique hobby tools we carry traditional favorite hobby tools like spring clamps as well. Due to popular demand we have created a dental tools category dedicated to low cost hobby grade dental tools including dental picks, tweezers, and inspection mirrors. Some of our more unusual hobby tools include the Alligator Clamp, Magnifier Tweezer Combo, and Hemostat with Scissor. To help our customers find the right tool for any unusual job they might encounter we are constantly adding and updating our line of hobby tools.

Featured Hobby Tools
12 piece dental pick set Lighted Magnetic Pick-up tool Hobby Tool Kit
12 pc. Dental Pick Set Magnetic Pick-up Hobby Tool Kit

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spring clamps, hemostat Clamps & Hemostats
Wide variety of large and miniature spring clamps, hemostats, and other unique clamps.
dental tools Dental Tools
Hobby grade dental picks, tweezers, inspection mirrors, and other dental tools.
knives Knives
Select from a variety of hobby knives, folding knives, utility knives, and scrapers.
magnifiers Magnifiers & Magnifying Lamps
Assorted magnifying glasses, magnifying lamps, eye loupes, head gear, and more.
machinist tools Machinist Tools
Includes machinists scribe, machinists squares, tap and die tools, and measuring devices.
magnets, pick up tools Magnets & Pick-up Tools
Three pronged pick-up tool, magnetic pick-up tools, and powerful magnets.
metal stamps Metal Stamps & Punches
Punch sets and traditional number and letter metal stamping sets in a variety of sizes.
miniature tools Miniature Tools
Miniature pliers, hammers, and screwdrivers.
miniature tools Spring Clamps
Metal and plastic spring clamps in a variety of sizes
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